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Your UNofficial Dental Hygiene podcast. You will get up-to-date information with some real life applications.


Michelle and Andrew are exactly where you are, hygienists looking to get better. They may not be experts, but they will do our best to get them on the show! 

COVID-19 & Dentistry: Returning to Practice: A Walkthrough of ADA Guidance & Aerosol Management
Henry Schein Dental

COVID-19 & Dentistry: Returning to Practice: A Walkthrough of ADA Guidance & Aerosol Management

Join Dr. Gary Severance, Executive Director of Professional Relations with Henry Schein, for the latest update on how COVID-19 is affecting dentistry. Dr. Severance will be joined by Dr. David Reznik, practicing dentist and infectious disease expert, for the latest clinical updates on COVID-19, including a walkthrough of the ADA’s recently released Return to Work Toolkit. In this episode, we will also be joined by Michelle Strange, practicing hygienist, surgical assistant, volunteer, educator, and podcast co-host for “A Tale of Two Hygienists.” Michelle has implemented advanced solutions and devices to reduce and manage aerosols in the public health setting and will share her key leanings. Join Dr. Severance and Michelle for a discussion regarding how the emergence of COVID-19 has brought new challenges and potential liabilities to dental professionals in regards to spatter, spray, and aerosols production. Dental literature shows that many procedures produce aerosols and droplets that can be contaminated with bacteria and blood, and represent a potential route for disease transmission. There have been several devices created to decrease airborne contamination by reducing the number of aerosols and spatter, but proper practice controls are critical. Michelle and Dr. Severance will discuss these standard precautions as well as: •The key differences between spatter, spray, droplet, and aerosol and proper approaches to controlling each one •The types of engineering controls that may work in each dental facility to reduce aerosols and spatter •How to assess current office protocols and compare to the 2016 updated CDC guidelines for the dental health-care setting •How to create a protocol for proper dental-unit water line maintenance For more COVID-19 resources: https://www.henryschein.com/COVID19ResourceCenter Rely on Us. Learn more at henryscheindental.com Subscribe to our channel at http://bit.ly/HSDsubscribe Connect with us on: Facebook – http://facebook.com/HenryScheinDental Instagram – http://instagram.com/hscheindental Twitter – http://twitter.com/HScheinDental LinkedIn – http://linkedin.com/showcase/henry-schein-dental

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