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the disruptor of biofilm and the status quo in dentistry

If you are a dental professional, interested in my blogs/articles, content creation, and my courses

If you want dental education and want to shop my favorite dental products!

If you want to train your infection control coordinator in the dental setting

I am Michelle Strange. Dental Hygienist, infection control expert, patient advocate, disruptor of biofilm and the status quo in dentistry

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Dental professionals, companies, and learning enthusiasts: Explore Michelle's vast library of educational content, including engaging videos, informative  articles, insightful podcasts, and presentations. Click here to access a wealth of knowledge on biofilm management, implant maintenance, motivational interviewing, patient engagement, and minimally invasive care.

Click here to explore Michelle's mission: delivering evidence-based dental advice to everyone, regardless of a dental home. As a nomadic dental hygienist, she travels the country creating free patient education videos and recommending affordable dental products on Amazon. Dental care shouldn't be a luxury - learn how to achieve a healthy smile today!

Elevate Your Dental Practice with Effective Infection Control: Equip your team with the expertise they need. As a leading dental hygiene educator, Michelle empowers dental practices across the USA to train qualified Infection Control Coordinators (ICCs) with her comprehensive resources. Discover Level Up Infection Prevention's digital courses, guidebook, and exclusive community – your one-stop shop for building a safe and compliant dental environment. Click here to learn more and empower your practice with confident infection control!

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