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Michelle Strange leaves A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

In early 2022, I stepped away from the podcast I co-founded and hosted for many, many years. Not many know the full story behind my departure, but long story short, I recognized my value and self-worth. This realization made me feel I had given too much power to a business partner who took advantage of it.


I dedicated years, countless hours, energy, and passion to the podcast. From creating content and hosting episodes to arranging guests, managing social media, sending newsletters, and building the brand. I poured myself into it to make it thrive. My drive was never about chasing downloads or seeking fame. Rather, I aimed to connect with individuals who could educate both our listeners and me, helping us become more informed and capable clinicians.

Throughout my journey, I have always been authentic and transparent, sharing my struggles, growth, victories, and defeats. That is why I feel compelled to shed light on the truth of what I am experiencing. I want everyone to know that I am no longer associated with "A Tale of Two Hygienists." I left the podcast before it was sold and didn't receive any financial compensation from the sale, and regrettably, I had to take legal measures to resolve questions regarding the use of my intellectual property.

The lawsuit with Endeavor Business Media and the sale of my former podcast, A Tale of Two Hygienists, were challenging chapters. However, they taught me invaluable lessons about trust and intuition, as I knew deep down that the partnership wasn't the right fit for me. 


I have learned to trust my instincts, recognizing that not every opportunity is in my best interest. While I wish I had taken better care of myself emotionally and legally during these times, the lessons learned have been worth their weight in gold. Click to read my grievances against Endeavor and my former business partner, Andrew Johnston.

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