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DICAM “Spread the Word, Prevent Infections” - The Official OSAP Podcast

DICAM “Spread the Word, Prevent Infections”The Official OSAP Podcast

DICAM (Dental Infection Control Awareness Month) kicked off September 1. OSAP spearheads this annual, month-long campaign that shares the latest infection control guidance and regulations. In this episode, Michelle is joined by Michelle Strange, RDH, an infection control consultant and social media influencer, and Nichol Schreiber, Senior Manager of Clinical Relations for Young Innovations, to discuss how dental professionals can use DICAM to build patient trust in infection control with the renewed interest in patient safety during COVID-19. The 2021 DICAM campaign gives everyone a unique opportunity to showcase their infection control knowledge.

Episode Highlights:

DICAM 2021 Educating Patients Safe Dental Visit Pledge


“Spread the word, prevent infections.”

“Show them before they need to ask.”

“Talk with your patients about what you are doing to keep them safe.”

“Patients now know what PPE stands for.”

“On the OSAP website we have a job description for the Infection Control Coordinator.”

“We are all worthy of safe environments to work in.”

“It is great that we recognize it in September, but it should be all year long.”


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