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Interview with Michelle Strange - Mouth Breathing Awareness

May is Mouth Breathing Awareness Month!

That means over the next month, I'll posting on social media trying to spread the word, and I've asked my amazing

MyoMentor Graduates to help me out. MyoMentor students and graduates are some of the most passionate dental and healthcare professionals I know, and many of them have struggled with their own myofunctional symptoms - mouth breathing, tongue-tie, sleep disordered breathing, and more.

So I'll be interviewing THEM to share their stories and highlight what they are doing in their practices and communities to help their patients.

Today I interviewed one of my favorite people, Michelle Strange from A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast. I was so excited to talk with her about her journey with mouth breathing!

She shared details about her orthodontic experiences with relapse and even relapse after her jaw surgery - all because of her open mouth posture, mouth breathing, and low tongue posture.

I love Michelle's story because she makes everything so easy to understand and she's so relatable. There are tons of people out there who have "been there and done that" with everything she shares.

Michelle's interview shines a light on how not everyone has to have the stereotypical facial structures. She is not someone who "looks like" a mouth breather, so maybe that's why her symptoms flew under the radar for so long.

Now Michelle is working on her habits, she mouth tapes at night, and she's going through myofunctional exercises on her own.

I'm very excited for people to hear her story and get in touch with Michelle. Here's where you can find her:

You can also follow the Mouth Breathing Awareness Campaign on my Facebook and Instagram pages here:

Be sure to share and spread the awareness!

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