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The Dental A Team Podcast

Michelle Strange and Andrew Johnston from the podcast A Tale of Two Hygienists are part of the A-Team in this episode, talking about the importance of continuing education for hygienists!

The pair, along with Kiera, talk about how you can stay continually involved in the education process no matter what stage of hygiene you are at in your dental practice. The same topic course over and over might not seem appealing, but remember, things are changing and progressing all the time, and different people give you different perspectives.

Continuing education will both benefit your patient base AND help you be the best version of your professional self. The last hands-on training you’ve had should be what you learned in school. Michelle, Andrew, and Kiera also talk about a hygienist’s relationship with his or her doctor, owning the benefits of continuing education, and understanding the best way you can learn new or old topics.

Tune in to be inspired by experts in the profession, then visit to discover other ways you can improve your role in your profession.

Michelle Strange, RDH, MSDH, is a practice dental hygienist, surgical assistant, adjunct faculty member, and clinical educator for TePe Oral Health Care, Inc. She feels the most important part of her career is the volunteer work she does in her community and globally. She has been in dentistry since 2000 and believes in life-long learning as a dental hygienist with a strong focus on patient education.

Andrew Johnston, RDH, BSBM, has been practicing hygiene since 2009. He started his career working in pediatrics and as a restorative hygienist in a private practice setting. He then moved into a multi-location group practice where he does both traditional hygiene and some restorative. He has a passion for education and humanitarian work. This profession has been great to him and he feels it is his duty to make it great for everyone else.


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