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5 Things to Consider Before Recommending a Toothbrush to Patients

© Voyagerix / Adobe Stock

How much thought do you put into your patients’ home care products? I think most hygienists do put effort into recommending products. Maybe it is because they have seen those products work for patients in the past. However, some are very limited in their recommendations because the practice will only purchase certain products; usually, less expensive products that are bought in bulk.

For years I worked in an office that found products for patients, stocked a variety of these products, and sold them to patients. It was a level of service we were providing to the patients to ensure that the work being done for them was going to be supported by the products they used at home.

What would the best, non-surgical care matter, if the patient goes home to use a toothbrush that doesn’t fit their mouth, their needs, or their level of disease?

What does it matter if I recommended an electric toothbrush if the patient doesn’t use it because it tickles too much, or they still use a manual toothbrush technique when they need to adapt to the new electric toothbrush technique?

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