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Getting Out of the Op: Advice is Everywhere, but Beware

© contrastwerkstatt / Adobe Stock

Googling “dental hygiene burnout” will give you articles, blogs, and videos, all with great ideas and information on how to beat it. This isn’t a new concern in the field of dentistry, especially within dental hygiene. If you are a person who has experienced burnout, doesn’t want to settle for the status quo, or knows their skills can be used for greater things, you will probably start to explore what there is outside of the op through courses, social media groups, blogs, and videos. As a result, you may find the many ways you can use the experience and knowledge one gains from clinical experience, in another career. In today’s world, where social media can be a great way to stay informed, sadly, it can also be a great way of crushing your dreams before they even get started.

The advice given to you from the personal experiences of others, even done with the best intentions, should be taken with caution. As many RDHs have experienced, being frustrated can make one jaded and weary. This can make one vulnerable to giving advice that comes from a place which is negative, and this can be disheartening to the receiver.

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