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Having an Infection Control Coordinator can save you money!

We already know that infection control is paramount for creating safe dental visits by ensuring the safety of patients and staff. Both OSHA and the CDC also support the role of the ICC, with recommendations that every office should have one on-site.

But aside from dental office safety, having an Infection Control Coordinator (ICC) to implement and manage your office infection control prevention plan can bring a multitude of benefits to your practice.

What are the benefits of having an Infection Control Coordinator?

Let’s look at some benefits of hiring a trained ICC or providing training for a team member in your practice that will eventually lead to cost-saving opportunities.

  • Save money

An ICC will ensure the maintenance of all equipment and instruments. For most dental offices, purchasing dental equipment is a significant financial expenditure.

Most of these instruments are comprised of smaller components that can wear out over time through constant use. As they deteriorate, they can become dangerous for both patients and users. Additionally, if something goes wrong with some equipment or machinery, repairs or replacements can be costly.

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