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How technology can help patients understand their health status and buy in to the solution

With modern advances in technology, many industries are seeing a change in how they operate. Certain concepts that many could not have fathomed in years prior are now becoming realities for medical professionals everywhere. In the case of dentistry, innovation has brought a myriad of positive changes that can help advance oral health management and the way people access dental care. ​ Teledentistry is one such area that has seen an increase in demand due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the technological advancements that have made it possible. Although the idea of teledentistry is not new, it can help provide contactless care in an otherwise hands-on profession. With this increased availability of technology suitable for use in dentistry comes new ways to utilize tools such as intraoral cameras and processes that can help drive the overall betterment of oral health for our patients.

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