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Infection Control Coordinator Training

There has been a great deal of development in the subject of infection control (IC) over the last century as we have grown to understand the concept. We know how it affects the quality of treatment and overall dental office safety.

Over time, research on infection control prevention and management has yielded insights that have been gradually integrated into the curriculum and training courses.

What Does An Infection Control Coordinator Do?

The infection control coordinator (ICC) should be someone who pays close attention to detail, has excellent organizational skills, is eager to learn, and has a genuine interest in infection control.

To execute the role of an ICC effectively, the assigned individual must be adept at identifying the links that have the potential to cause infections.

The position requires more than just performing checks and balances and going through the motions of day to day. There should be a degree of foresight in developing proactive strategies to reduce the spread of infections.

It is also possible that the individual will be required to take on a reactive role, such as responding effectively to an outbreak of infection in the local community.

Infection Control Training Online

The ability to communicate more quickly via the internet has also led to an increase in the types and levels of training opportunities available for the ICC.

Level Up Infection Prevention

One factor contributing to poor infection prevention practice is the lack of readily available and relevant training programs. Level Up Infection Prevention aims to elevate the role of the ICC, ultimately creating safe visits for anyone who visits the dental office.

Level Up provides multiple resources that will help you and the infection control coordinator maintain a high standard of dental office safety. This training will ensure your patients can receive the high-quality care that they deserve and that they can have safe dental visits without worrying about the risk of infections.

Benefits of Infection Control Coordinator Training

Let’s find out how ICC training can benefit your practice:

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