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Nothing happens in our comfort zone: The tale about the two hygienists

Elicia Lupoli, RDH, profiles the two dental hygienists behind the A Tale of Two Hygienists podcasts.

In dental hygiene, there are devoted individuals who respect the licensure they worked so hard to obtain and also refrain from publicly bashing the profession. The decision to showcase a few of the most successful dental hygienists was in hope for readers to understand that the journey to success is achievable, with a bit of footwork. Dental hygienists have demonstrated over and over again that (together) we can do anything.

This week, I offer a glimpse into the careers of Michelle Strange, RDH, and Andrew Johnston, RDH, who are famous as the podcasters of “The Tale of Two Hygienists.”

In recent weeks, I profiled Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, a mother of a large Wisconsin family who yearned for something more from her career, and Angie Stone, RDH, who found a niche in improving elder care in our nation’s nursing home.

I will introduce you to the other dental hygiene pioneers in upcoming issues of RDH eVillage.

Opposites attract listeners!

Initial footwork taken by Michelle and Andrew: Striving to learn more and giving back to communities.

A Tale of Two Hygienists podcasters, Michelle Strange and Andrew Johnston state, “Dental hygiene is exciting to be in right now; everything has evolved.”

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