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Overlooked cleaning guidelines for your ultrasonic bath

The more you know about how to keep your ultrasonic cleaner running at its best, the better off your practice will be.

Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH, outlines five must-dos to make sure your ultrasonic bath is working properly.

Thoroughly and properly cleaning dental instruments and equipment is critical to patient care. Contaminated dental instruments can lead to disease in otherwise healthy individuals and leave a dental practice reeling from the aftermath.1 Prior to the use of technologically advanced cleaners, many dentists and staff had to clean their instruments by hand. This has changed with engineering controls such as the ultrasonic bath cleaner.

The ultrasonic cleaner is without a doubt a step-up in sterilization practices and helps avoid potential cross contamination and percutaneous injuries from hand scrubbing. There is more to ultrasonic cleaning than meets the eye though; it requires more than turning the dial, listening for the vibrations, and hoping it is working.

5 things you should be doing with your ultrasonic bath
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