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Proper Packaging of Instruments: 7 Daily Errors to Avoid

Proper packaging of instruments in an autoclave is a critical task and one that needs to be done right. Unfortunately, common daily errors can easily occur without careful consideration when handling packages. Any small mistake can cause disastrous results for patients or even staff members, from using incorrect packaging materials and improper sealing techniques to inadequate sterilization times.Consider these 7 important factors when evaluating instrument packaging in your dental practice.

Using incorrect packaging material

Using packaging material not designed for autoclave sterilization, such as regular plastic bags or aluminum foil, can lead to contamination of other instruments and the autoclave chamber.

Autoclaves use high heat and steam to sterilize all instruments within the chamber thoroughly. However, if wrapped in material not designed for autoclaving, the heat and steam may not penetrate properly and cause incomplete sterilization of the instruments.

Improper packaging can also damage instruments due to moisture getting trapped in the package or thermos-chemical reactions occurring, such as plastic degradation. This damage can lead to a shortened lifespan of instruments, resulting in more frequent replacements.

For instance, purchasing a quality pouch for your instruments can make a difference.  Tuttnauer Tyvek Pouches and Reels meet the Medical Industry's requirement for high quality, hygiene and safety levels. Suitable for the packing of any Medical Device before sterilization and for maintaining the sterility after sterilization.  Choose from a wide range of standard sizes and for double packing purposes. 

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