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TeleDentistry leader MouthWatch appoints TeleDent COVID-19 Advisory Board

Advisors will provide guidance on teledentistry-delivered urgent care and expanding teledentistry beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, MouthWatch LLC has assembled a group of thought leaders to focus on the delivery of dental care via teledentistry. The TeleDent COVID-19 Advisory Board is tasked with developing best-practice protocols for implementing teledentistry in this new reality of urgent care only.

The board will endeavor to expand teledentistry beyond the current coronavirus pandemic through its timely teledentistry-focused education and training materials for dental professionals.

Among the topics that board members will emphasize include:

• Establishing oral triage protocols • Implementing proper coding • Coordinating dental team participation • Developing virtual workflows • Conducting live consultations • Explaining legal and regulatory parameters

According to MouthWatch CEO and Founder, Brant Herman:

Many care providers are trying to figure out how to properly implement teledentistry so they can deliver urgent patient care. Our goal is to fill this information gap and to also ensure that teledentistry adoption and utilization continues long after the pandemic is over. I’m confident that we have the right advisory board in place to help us achieve these goals.

The TeleDent COVID-19 Advisory Board consists of these teledentistry thought leaders:

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