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Volunteering: An unexpected way to market your dental practice

For dental professionals, the benefits of volunteering are tremendous. Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH, shares how giving back to your community could yield personal, professional, and even financial rewards.

With editorial assistance from Sylvia Tan

“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.”

Throughout my time doing philanthropic work, these words from Barbara De Angelis have always rung true. Philanthropy, simply put, refers to charitable deeds that help others.1 Examples include donations, fundraising efforts, sponsorship of charitable events, and volunteering—the last of which is dear to my heart.

Volunteering favors all

When people think of volunteering, most think of it as a way to give back to the less fortunate around them. Indeed, your services may be life changing for children who have never had the privilege of dental care. However, from my experience, the impact volunteering has on the volunteers themselves can be equally transformative. Professionally, volunteering gives us the opportunity to develop clinical expertise.2 Personally, it offers us the chance to make meaningful connections with others and build a sense of purpose.3

On the business side, volunteering can also have enormous marketing potential. Volunteering in nearby neighborhoods boosts brand visibility,4 shows a positive side to your brand,5 and allows your community to get to know you better. When people feel closer to you, they are more likely to trust you with their oral health.5 Volunteering can be one of the best ways to build your practice’s reputation and client base.

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