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When bullying happens to you

Bullying can have devastating consequences in our workplaces and personal lives. Learn how to deal with bullies in healthy ways to make a positive difference in our profession and in the world.

Being a new graduate fills you with excitement and joy, and you are eager to get started in your new career. Unfortunately, sometimes that excitement is stifled by the behavior of your new colleagues. When you are affected by bullying—online or in your office—know you are not the only one, and you can use that experience to grow stronger in your new profession.

Bullying in any form is reprehensible and can destroy lives. In our modern society, much of it has moved online where the perpetrator can maintain a safe distance and often act anonymously. Online social media forums are rampant with this type of behavior.

In our personal lives, bullying can have devastating consequences, annihilating self-esteem, triggering mental health issues, and causing stress to the victim. Similarly, in a professional setting, bullying causes chaos and can negatively impact the professional’s quality of work and the care they provide patients.

Cyber and workplace bullying?
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