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Why Color Method should be in every practice

Are your dental instruments and materials organized and easy to access?

Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH, talks about a system she uses that can increase efficiency and reduce stress for your team.

It can be easy for oral health-care professionals to overlook the importance of organization when it comes to our dental instruments and materials, but the cost of disorganization can be high. Clutter and chaos can cause serious losses in productivity for dental practices, leading to more significant problems down the line.

When treatment rooms and central sterilization areas are disorganized, they account for significant amounts of financial and emotional stress.

In addition, schedules start falling behind and inventory management is inefficient, yielding an excess amount of clutter. Staff and patients experience more stress, extra time is spent in room turnover, and communication systems begin to fail. Color-coded containers and storage solutions specifically developed for dental teams can provide relief to all these problems by incorporating a visual element into both instrument and material organization.

What is Color Method?
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