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Ice Chips Candy: The guilt-free treat that won't rot your teeth

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

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A dental hygienist will not often recommend that you eat candy, but Ice Chips candy is the guilt-free sweet treat getting everyone's lips smacking that I can stand over!

I just love the story about how the sugar-free xylitol ice chips came about. Two "grannies in a garage" — Beverly Vines-Haines and Charlotte Clary — created and pitched their Ice Chips candy on Shark Tank.

The two grandmothers envisioned a safe confectionery for people with diabetes but also wanted something their many grandchildren could enjoy without harming their teeth. Things took off when they created a delicious, xylitol-sweetened treat that tasted much like actual candies but without the potential side effects. Go, grannies!

The Ice Chips Candy Shark Tank deal did not go through, but Beverly and Charlotte won the hearts of fans. Despite having little to no candy-making experience, they began churning out Ice Chips in their garage. Before long, people were asking for more, and news about the new delicious, guilt-free xylitol candy spread like wildfire! As more Ice candy flavors came about, retailers began expressing an interest in selling it at their stores.

So what are Ice Chips? Are there any negative Ice Chips candy side effects? Are they OK to eat, and do they help with dry mouth?

Ice Chips Candy ingredients

What are Ice Chips made of that makes them guilt-free? Let's break it down: The main ingredient is xylitol, but there are also certified natural organic flavors, citric acid, cream of tartar, and calcium stearate.

Big on flavor, low on calories

Ice chips are hard candies made from crystallized xylitol. Xylitol has a sweet taste and comes from fibrous plants such as birchwood for use as a sweetener to replace the calories from sugars and carbohydrates.

It looks and tastes like sugar but has an extremely low glycemic index (GI) of 8 and has 40% fewer calories. In comparison, an orange has a GI of 52. In other words, munching on Ice Chips candy, especially in small portions, won't significantly affect your blood sugar levels and calorie intake.

Oral health benefits of xylitol

Sucking on sugar-free xylitol candy is good for your oral health as it reduces the amount of cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. For instance, it's common for people to chew on xylitol gums to stimulate saliva production, which keeps the mouth clean by slowing bacterial growth. The fewer bacteria in the mouth, the lower the chances of cavities and problems like bad breath. Simple!

There's also promising evidence that xylitol can help to remineralize the teeth, reversing damages caused by bacteria while soothing tooth sensitivity. Similarly, Ice Chips candy which uses xylitol as a sweetener, may offer the same oral health benefits.

Ice Chips for dry mouth

From an oral health perspective, sucking on Ice Chips is definitely better than reaching for other types of candy to satisfy your sweet tooth. In fact, it can also help relieve dry mouth since it increases saliva production. This saliva moisturizes the mouth without the presence of any harsh chemicals or sugar that can actually worsen dryness.

Deliciously addictive Ice Chips candy

Benefits aside, Ice Chips taste deliciously addictive! They even leave a pleasant, lasting cooling sensation in the mouth, making them an excellent way to freshen up your breath throughout the day. And, unlike other candies that use artificial sweeteners, there is no unpleasant aftertaste.

Cooling, refreshing, and most importantly, guilt-free, it's no wonder Ice Chips candy is so popular, especially during the summertime.

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