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Michelle Strange RDH

Michelle Strange MSDH, RDH

Michelle has been a clinician in dentistry since 2000 and is currently a practicing hygienist, speaker, writer, content developer, consultant, and podcast co-host “Level Up Infection Prevention Podcast”. She is the co-founder and social media creator of A Tale of Two Hygienists

She is a self-proclaimed dental nerd and sees the dental profession as not only her forever career path but her hobby. With a Master's in Dental Hygiene Education and a belief in lifelong learning, Michelle hopes to continue to learn and grow within the dental profession and one day see the gap bridged between medical and dental.

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Michelle and dental hygiene?

As a dental hygienist, my passion is helping patients be successful at-home with a goal to improve people's oral health through a patient-centered approach. In addition to helping people improve and manage their oral health, I am an industry thought leader and content creator.  Click here to read blog posts and articles by me, find my next course, and learn more about my content creation.


Creating safe dental visits for people is a passion of mine.  Click here to learn more about my company, Level Up Infection Prevention, and for more infection prevention resources.

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Click here if you are a dental professional who wants to learn more from me or someone here in the US that does not have access to a dental home. I would love to show you the products I often recommend

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Click here to find podcasts I have hosted with A Tale of Two Hygienists and Level Up Infection Prevention podcast and the ones where I was a guest.

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