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Brilliant or Bulls**t? — BURST Toothbrush

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Have you ever wondered just how good a sonic electric toothbrush can be? Learn about the fantastic features of the all-new BURST toothbrush here!

Toothbrushes come in various styles, from the traditional manual to the modern sonic versions. However, I have found one that stands out regarding efficiency, style, affordability, and usability. One of the few I recommend to my patients is the BURST toothbrush.

As a dental hygienist, I believe that prevention is vital for achieving good oral health. Brushing regularly with the right tool for your mouth is crucial for keeping the teeth and gums plaque-free. Using fluoride toothpaste helps protect and strengthen the teeth at the same time.

So when I find a tool like the BURST sonic toothbrush that does it right, I’m always eager to share it with my patients! Let’s find out why there is so much hype surrounding the BURST electric toothbrush!

Reasons to love the BURST toothbrush

Convenient and affordable subscription plan

The BURST sonic toothbrush is incredibly affordable and comes with a lifetime warranty and an option to subscribe for new BURST toothbrush heads to automatically arrive every 12 weeks. This toothbrush is meant to be with you for life. But, if there’s ever any issue, you’re guaranteed to receive a replacement immediately, so you won’t miss a day of brushing. Nice!

We often use a toothbrush head for waaaay too long when they really should be changed every 3 to 4 months, or sooner if you notice the bristles beginning to wear down. Unfortunately, many of us neglect to change our toothbrush heads and continue using them longer than we should.

It’s often just simply something we don’t pay much attention to, but the bristles must be regularly changed as they can harbor viruses and germs. These bad-boy germs can spread to other family members' toothbrushes or cause reinfection for the user. Yuck!

When you’ve been using the same toothbrush head for several months, especially if you’re a heavy brusher, you must replace the heads to ensure they always work efficiently to get rid of plaque. Thanks to the automatic BURST toothbrush head replacement service, I’m confident more people change their toothbrush heads more frequently. It’s literally a no-brainer as it makes the entire process more accessible and seamless.

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