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Brilliant or Bulls**t: Is CloSYS Mouthwash a revolutionary product for sensitive mouths?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Sip, gargle, spit!

If I had to choose one mouthwash to recommend to all of my patients, it would be the CloSYS mouthwash! Yup, it is BRILLIANT, and I feel confident standing behind it.

The CloSYS Ultra Sensitive Mouthwash formulation is always my go-to for its super gentle formulation, making it suitable for everyone, including those with extremely sensitive mouths.

Despite its gentleness, the CloSYS mouth rinse is powerful enough to eliminate 99% of bad bacteria to give you minty fresh breath. It also disrupts the formation of plaque that will otherwise lead to gum disease and cavities.

Now, that’s a well-rounded mouthwash!

The CloSYS mouthwash is no ordinary mouth rinse!

  • Does not contain harsh chemicals

As we look into the CloSYS oral rinse, it becomes even clearer that it is no ordinary mouthwash. It gets the job done without containing any harsh chemicals such as alcohol, iodine, or hydrogen peroxide. Without alcohol, there is no unpleasant burning sensation, making it easier to rinse for longer.

While some enjoy this tingling sensation, you should know that this is caused by alcohol, and it actually doesn’t do much in terms of killing the bacteria. Alcohol is actually quite disrupting as it throws the mouth’s pH out of balance and can also cause dry mouth.

  • Suitable for sensitive mouths and those prone to sores

Plus, these harsh chemicals can be a trigger for those with sensitive mouths, which is why the CloSYS mouthwash is so ideal. Going through the ingredients’ list, I was delighted to see that the mouth rinse is also free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS! Yay!

Although SLS isn’t always harmful, it can trigger a painful reaction lasting for days for those prone to irritation or mouth sores. If your current mouthwash is causing your mouth to break out in sores or any form of irritation, continuing to use it may cause more serious oral health problems down the line. STOP NOW!

  • A comfortable formula for longer swishing

Between you and me, we don't need SLS in mouthwash as it does nothing to clean the mouth other than creating bubbles. By opting for a mouthwash without alcohol, SLS, or any other potential irritants, you will be more comfortable rinsing for longer, which helps you to reap more benefits from your oral rinse.

  • Maintains healthy oral microflora and supports healing

One magic aspect of the CloSYS mouth rinse is that while it is powerful enough to remove unwanted bacteria, it is delicate enough that it won’t disrupt the mouth’s healthy microflora. In other words, it kills off harmful bacteria without affecting the ones we need to keep the mouth healthy. Maintaining the mouth at an optimal pH also helps keep bad bacteria away and good bacteria happy.

Moreover, if you are recovering from an oral operation or are prone to ulcers, the gentle and alcohol-free formula is ideal for keeping the mouth clean while supporting the healing process.

According to the company, CloSYS ultra-sensitive mouthwash can eliminate the COVID-19 virus in the mouth by up to 98.4%

"What?" I hear you scream. You heard right. Here’s where it gets even more interesting.

Recent studies on the CloSYS ultra-sensitive mouthwash have found that it goes a few steps further than any other mouthwash by reducing the COVID-19 virus in the mouth by 98.4% within 30 seconds!

I mean, I knew it was good, but this simply catapults it to the top of the ranking, especially since we are in the era of having to ‘live’ with COVID-19. Various independent lab studies had similar results, so it’s safe to say that these numbers are legit. In fact, they’re groundbreaking!

By now, we all know for sure that the COVID-19 virus can spread from person to person via droplet sprays from the mouth. If it is true that a simple oral product like the CloSYS mouthwash can help reduce the viral load of the virus in the mouth and thereby potentially lessen the chances of falling ill or becoming infectious, it could play a monumental role in controlling the pandemic around the world.

Because of these game-changing results, additional studies are underway. We will hopefully hear some more fantastic news within the coming months, so stay tuned for my updates!

How is the CloSYS mouthwash capable of doing this despite being so gentle?

Although there is still a lack of evidence that reducing the viral load in the mouth has anything to do with disease transmission, we can't deny the antimicrobial power of the CloSYS oral rinse, as evidently proven by these studies. But how is it capable of doing this?

CloSYS mouthwash uses Cloralstan®, a stabilized form of chlorine dioxide that disrupts plaque buildup and keeps infections at bay while killing and inhibiting harmful bacterial growth that can cause problems. Some of its other ingredients are well-known for their usage in drinking water purification. Their safety has been studied and documented extensively.

Another unique thing about the CloSYS mouth rinse is that saliva naturally activates the solution to produce chlorine dioxide that penetrates the dental biofilm to destroy pathogens. In addition, Cloralstan® is activated by swishing, so the longer you swish, the better the results!

As you can probably tell from my enthusiasm, I’m a big fan of the CloSYS mouth rinse. I can’t get over the fact that it is so gentle yet so powerful at keeping the mouth clean! For those looking for a mild, alcohol-free, yet effective oral rinse, try the CloSYS mouthwash today!

If you’re someone who also gets giddy talking about a good mouthwash, or you’re as passionate as I am about oral hygiene, I’d love to meet you!

I’ll be in Orlando on the 20th of July with Mouthwatch at the RDH Under One Roof (UOR) conference. We’re looking forward to three action-packed days of quality dental hygiene education.

Expect educational courses from notable, industry-leading speakers plus an exhibition where you can discover, look, see, and feel the newest, most innovative dental hygiene products and equipment available on the market today.

See you there!

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