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Enhancing Oral Health: A Comprehensive Guide to Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) and the EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master

Guided biofilm therapy (GBT) is an advancement in hygiene, and the EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master plays a crucial role in its success.
Guided biofilm therapy (GBT) is an advancement in hygiene, and the EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master plays a crucial role in its success.

Advancements in dental technology have revolutionized how we approach dental cleanings, preventive care, and oral disease management when it comes to maintaining health. Two groundbreaking innovations leading this transformation are guided biofilm therapy (GBT) and the Airflow Prophylaxis Master by EMS. I want to explore what GBT entails, its significance in dental care, and how the EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master enhances your dental hygiene experience.

I have been providing Guided Biofilm Therapy since 2018. I learned about it when I attended a global conference held in Amsterdam in 2017. It has changed and elevated the way I approach clinical care. It is now the only way I want to practice as a dental hygienist, and I am excited to spread the word to my colleagues and any person who is ready to experience something different at their next dental visit.

What is guided biofilm therapy (GBT)?

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is an approach to dental hygiene that redefines how dental professionals address biofilm (or plaque, as many people have once known it) removal. Traditional dental cleanings often focus solely on eliminating deposits like calculus or tartar from the teeth. However, GBT takes an approach by targeting the root cause of most dental issues—dental biofilm.

Dental biofilm is a community of microorganisms that naturally form on teeth. Biofilm isn't bad, but when it isn't correctly managed, it can become dysbiotic and contribute to health problems such as cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) combines technology, like the EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master, with a systematic approach to remove biofilm during dental cleanings. Here's an overview of the steps involved:

1. Assessment: A dental professional evaluates the patient's health and identifies any areas of concern. This includes a complete exam of the mouth, oral cancer screening, a screening of tongue ties, tongue postures, tonsils, and potential airway concerns. It also includes a thorough review of the person's health record. 

2. Disclosing Solution: This is my favorite part! I use a special solution to highlight areas where biofilm has accumulated on the teeth. I use the TriPlaque ID gel to show me bacteria that are older than 48 hours, new, acidic, or potentially cavity-causing.  

3. Motivation: I would argue this is the most important part of GBT. This is when we help make behavioral changes that will help manage the current disease or prevent disease in the future. This is the most essential part of the entire appointment. 

4. Biofilm Removal: The gentle and efficient EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master removes biofilm, stains, and deposits from teeth and soft tissues using air, powder (erythritol), and warm water. It is a very comfortable process. At times, it is a little messy as you will feel water on your face, but it is a small price to pay for a thorough and easy appointment. 

5. Calculus Removal: The goal is to get to a place where there are minimal hard deposits like "tartar" or calculus. But suppose it does form on the teeth. In that case, the Piezon technology from EMS helps create a gentle experience to remove the hard deposit. 

There is an entire eight-step process for GBT. However, these are the ones that non-professionals need to know about. 

GBT offers benefits, including;

Efficiency: GBT's systematic approach ensures thorough removal of biofilm, reducing the risk of dental issues.

Enhanced Comfort: The gentle EMS Airflow system minimizes discomfort during the procedure.

Immediate Results: Patients often experience an improvement in both appearance and sensation after undergoing GBT.

Preventive Focus: GBT emphasizes that care plays a valuable role in maintaining oral health.

Is guided biofilm therapy worth it?

Whether guided biofilm therapy is worth it has an answer: yes. This innovative approach to hygiene offers advantages that make it an excellent choice for individuals aiming to maintain or enhance their oral health.

The GBT value is evident in the following ways:

1. Effectiveness;

GBT effectively eliminates biofilm and stains, aims to reduce time spent scaling teeth, and provides a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.

2. Comfort;

Traditional scaling and polishing techniques can be uncomfortable for patients. GBT provides a comfortable cleaning experience through its gentle and efficient EMS airflow system.

3. Emphasis on Prevention;

GBT places emphasis on care. Addressing the root causes of health issues helps ensure less time in the dental chair, allowing individuals to focus on other aspects of their overall well-being.

4. Patient satisfaction;

After undergoing GBT, patients often express levels of satisfaction. This is due to the improvement in both the appearance and feel of their teeth, contributing to a positive dental visit experience and overall increased confidence in their smile.

How does EMS airflow work?

At the core of guided biofilm therapy lies the EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master, a dental hygiene device that has revolutionized how dental professionals approach the removal of biofilm and tooth cleaning.

The Functionality of the EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master Involves:

1. Air Polishing Technology;

The EMS Airflow system employs a high-pressure combination of air, water, and a specialized powder to eliminate biofilm, stains, and deposits from teeth and soft tissues. This technique is efficient and minimizes any discomfort for patients.

2.. Control;

Dental professionals control the airflow, ensuring that only specific areas receive treatment. This level of accuracy enables biofilm removal while preserving tooth structure.

3. Stain Removal;

The EMS Airflow system is highly effective at eliminating stains caused by factors such as coffee, tea, tobacco, and red wine.

4. Comfort;

Patients often find the EMS Airflow system more comfortable than methods like scaling and polishing with pastes.

To sum up, guided biofilm therapy (GBT) is an advancement in hygiene, and the EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master plays a crucial role in its success. By effectively and comfortably addressing biofilm, GBT provides care focusing on prevention and patient comfort. GBT and EMS airflow are worth considering when it comes to achieving and maintaining health.

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